World Peace and Prayer Day Map of Events

Planet Earth is a Sacred site and within it are thousands of sites that people have gathered at since the beginning of time. Now we reclaim these sites with love, peace, and reverence to bring healing to all of our relations, to the ancestors and future generations.
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WPPD 2017 – Hawaiʻi – Support Mauna Kea – Wear a Shawl

Wherever you choose to celebrate World Peace and Prayer Day 2017, you can connect to the ceremony on Hawaiʻi Island and support protection of Mauna Kea by purchasing and wearing Mauna Kea shawls that day.

Mauna Kea Shawls

Mauna Kea shawls are a cherished reminder of the love that we hold in our hearts for Mauna a Wākea and  are named according to their color in order to perpetuate the sacredness of the story, areas on the mountain, and current issues being faced regarding these storied places or wahi pana.

  • Poliʻahu i ke kapu – dark blue/tan
  • Kükahauʻula – maroon/tan
  • Lake Waiau – teal/tan
  • Moʻoinanea – green/tan
  • Pöhakuloa – black/tan
  • Kükiaʻimauna (guardians of the mountain) – brown/tan
  • Sunrise and sunset Kealohawenaʻula mau a mau -orange/tan
  • Kanehoalani – yellow/tan
  • Lihau -lavender for Lihau and purple for the efforts from HawaiʻI to Kauaʻi and beyond.

The design of the Mauna Kea Shawl was created by Pomai Bertelmann which was inspired by the song Poliʻahu i ke kapu, composed and recorded by Häwane Rios, This song may be purchased on iTunes with all proceeds donated to the Mauna Kea Defense Fund.

Proceeds from the Poli’ahu Mauna Kea Shawls are utilized for spreading awareness of the sacredness of Mauna a Wākea through all means necessary and possible.

Inquiries and shawl orders may be made to Pua Case:

More information about World Peace and Prayer Day (WWPD) 2017  can be found on this website under the 2017 Event Tab.  Those who wish to attend ceremony on June 21, 2017on Hawaiʻi Island are asked to attend an orientation workshop prior to the event. Dates and places will be announced on this website.

Unity Ride 1996, in the Beginning

In 1996 Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe called upon the “Unity Ride” – a 2 months’ ride on horseback from Sasketchewan (Canada) to Wyoming (USA) which was attended by people of many tribes and nations. On June 21, 1996 the first “World Peace and Prayer Day” was celebrated, connecting prayers globally. Since then it is held every year in various locations.

This short film was produced for the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF), aired a couple of times in European TV and is – as far as we know – the only existing document of this memorable historic event.

director & cinematographer: Michael Stoeger
music: “In Camps of Time Past“ / Robert Tree Cody
„Adiemus” / Karl Jenkins