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World Peace and Prayer Day is a 20-year tradition that promotes co-existence among all peoples and nations.

Ancient prophecies
predicted the time that we find ourselves in today where population growth, over consumption, depletion of our natural resources and pollution have severely damaged our Earth’s life-sustaining capabilities.

Technologies of nuclear, chemical and biological warfare give us the power not only to wipe out all of humanity but also make the planet itself incapable of sustaining human life.

On an international level we have adopted materialism over conservation of the Earth’s limited resources forgetting that ‘the Earth is not a resource to be used but, rather, the source of life itself’ – Chief Arvol Looking Horse.

Only a short time remains for us to return to our spiritual roots and begin to respect, honor and cherish our Mother – the Earth – on whom we depend for life itself. To do this the White Buffalo’s message of global peace, harmony and unity must be sent to the Four Directions.

Spiritual Leaders of all Nations realize we have reached the Crossroads and we must put our hearts and minds together to find necessary solutions!

World Peace And Prayer Day/Honoring Sacred Sites Day is an international celebration joining worldwide communities of all faiths, nations, races, ages and genders who share concern for the welfare of humanity and the Earth to share in One Prayer.

As envisioned by Chief Arvol Looking Horse in 1996, the honoring ceremonies, invocations and prayers are observed with collaboration with local indigenous representatives. Special guest speakers, wisdom keepers and activists of all denominations will share spiritual insight and discuss important environmental concerns and cures on both a local and global level.

This profoundly auspicious time will be elevated by a cross-cultural celebration of music, dance and storytelling.

For the past decade, Red Earth Descendants has hosted an annual Elder/Youth Conference, encompassing four days of traditional indigenous and elder teachings. Families attending the Elder/Youth camp have access to a wonderful array of camp experience, learning survival skills, medicinal plant/herb ecology, salmon and acorn restoration, crafting, storytelling, Native stickball gaming, canoe-building/canoe teachings and much more. The indigenous-based teachings and skills practiced throughout our Elder/Youth Conferences help build a set of core values. These skills help lay the foundation for creating healthier choices within our community for supporting sustainable life practices which in turn help one another and our earth.

With the blessing and guidance of Chief Arvol Looking Horse – 19th generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe Bundle and recognized spiritual leader of the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota Sioux Nation – we are delighted to announce and invite all peoples to the 20th Annual World Peace And Prayer Day to be celebrated in Southern Oregon, June 18-21 2015.

Mitakuye Oyasin!
All our relations!
In the Great Circle of Life,
Where there is no beginning
And no ending!

“all nations, all faiths, one prayer”

For more information on Chief Arvol Looking Horse, please see:


With the achievement of our fundraising goals, all speakers and the event’s founder, Chief Arvol Looking Horse, will be allowed to travel across the country to attend World Peace and Prayer Day. The operational costs and logistical support required to run the event will need to come from funds above and beyond this modest travel budget. With these essential resources, we will have the means to secure the participation of our key traditional elders and most inspired speakers to continue this worldwide tradition of Peace, Prayer and Honoring Sacred Sites. Please be one of those who contributes to a culture of Peace that supports all our relations unto the 7th Generation.

The operational costs of this event will exceed $20,000 and we continue to apply for grants and in-kind donations throughout our community.  Red Earth Descendants’ 10th-annual Elder/Youth Conference, held in conjunction with World Peace and Prayer Day 2015, will be made possible by reaching this level of funding, as the travel costs of our key Elders must be met first and foremost.

This year’s organizing group (Red Earth Descendants) is striving to make future World Peace and Prayer Day (WPPD) events more easily organized. Through the creation of sponsor databases and a cohesive organizational structure, we intend this to be a landmark year for WPPD. We are already working to strengthen relationships with past WPPD producers and speakers whose ongoing input is crucial to our success. While largely a volunteer effort, the successful promotion of this event will require material support to finance community outreach and social media campaigns like this one.

Chief Arvol Looking Horse is a recognized champion of the rights of all beings to a good life upon the Earth. His work deserves to be continued and supported well into the future. There are many populations on Earth, not indigenous communities alone, that need our direct support to persevere in their quest for a true and lasting Peace.

Should we succeed in reaching our ultimate fundraising goal, the work and aims of these genuine leaders of Peace in the world (our elders and allies) will be positively impacted — the world peace movement will be furthered in its effort to restore balance to the Earth and its peoples through your generosity. We will plant the seeds of this peace at this year’s event by having our Family Cultural Teachings / Elder-Youth Conference in tandem with the World Peace and Prayer Day ceremonies.

We believe environmental issues will continue to loom large in our lives for many years to come and World Peace and Prayer Day is one of the many voices calling for greater Earth Stewardship at a time when the threat of runaway climate-change affects all of our children. There will be distinguished speakers from many disciplines addressing this most timely subject — the survival of our planetary civilization.

It is our conviction that the establishment of World Peace and Prayer Day as a planet-wide celebration honors both our ancestors and all our relations into the future. We ask that you support this ultimate vision of a world at peace.

WPPD 2015 Budget

Facility–site: in-kind

Large Event Tent and Domes $ 4,500
Portable Toilets $ 3,500
Portable Showers $ 2,000
Generators and Lights $ 1,500
PA System $ 2,500
Stage, Seats and Tables $ 2,500
Misc. Equipment $3,500
Transport, Gas, Van Rental in-kind
Security $ 3,000
Paramedic/First Aid in-kind
Fire Protection in-kind
Fire Permit in-kind
Fire Keeper in-kind
Misc. Supplies in-kind
Horse Ride $ 3,000

Facility Expense sub-total: $26,000

Food/Kitchen: in-kind

Breakfast and lunch–750 people

for 4 days $10,000
Water Stations/Water Buffalo $ 500
Volunteer Cooks in-kind

Food Expense sub-total: $10,000


Transportation–14 people $25,000
Arvol Expenses–4 vehicles $ 8,000
Accommodations for 30 people $ 3,000
Musicians/Entertainers $10,000
Meals and extras–4 days in-kind

Speakers/Guests/Musicians total: $46,000


Promotional Materials $ 1,500
Web and Admin–set-up, design in-kind
PR Outreach $ 3,000

Promotions sub-total: $ 4,500


T-shirts, hats and bags $5,000
Posters 500
Stickers/Decals 1,000

Merchandise sub-toal $6,500


Event Insurance $ 500
Legals $ 2000
Overhead and Admin in-kind

Administrative sub-total $2,500

Total Estimated Budget: $95,500 cash value

Total Estimated In-Kind: $76,500 donated hours, skills, labor and services

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