What to Bring

  • Let’s make this a zero waste event – bring your own dish, cup, bowl, utensils. napkin
  • For your comfort, bring a camp chair, blanket, flashlight, healthy snacks, water bottle…
  • Be prepared for all weather conditions including extreme heat, cold and/or rain.
  • Bring a seasoned log or two for the fire.
  • Bring a donation for the kitchen (everything very appreciated, local and organic preferred, to support our locals farmers, gardeners and sustainable earth practices)
  • Bring a bag of tobacco to share.
  • Bring something for the Give-Away.
  • There are likely to be mosquitoes, cool evenings and sunshine, so cover up as needed.


What usually happens is that we have a giveaway on behalf of the earth. We usually invite everyone to bring a gift during June 21 after the prayer ceremony – we have this huge tarp- something that’s down on ground and everybody puts their gifts in the middle and then we have different people come up and receive a gift and they choose it themselves, so dignitaries first – then everybody lines up, comes in and takes a gift and everyone shake hands – but it’s from everyone that attends – everyone brings a gift – just to clarify that portion and as far as what you’re doing with the giveaway – you know it could just be a Memorabilia tee shirt or handmade gifts or whatever for the dignitaries that you want to offer but just to remind you that usually it is with all who attend for the giveaways – and it’s about the honoring of Mother Earth. It usually is huge and exchanging – some people bring a truck full and others a scarf – some people forget. so it always enough in the end