Sacred Sites

Since the beginning of time people have been gathering at power spots in nature to reconnect with the land, with the spirit, with each other and cultivate peace. Sacred Sites are critical for peace, they are essential if we want to live in balance with our environment. Today many tribes, villages, First Nations, and non-natives are experiencing encroachment from extractive industries that devastate the land and water as well as war.

Chief Arvol Looking Horse is leading a call for people to protect, honor, and create sacred places that honor our connections to each other and the land. That is why June 21 has been designated as a day to raise awareness about the importance of sacred sites.

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Group Photo from “Protecting and Restoring Sacred Sites under the guidance of First Peoples’ Cultural, Spiritual and Legal Heritage Keepers” at the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues w/ Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Roberto Mukaro Borrero, Faith Spotted Eagle, Paula Horne, Honor Keeler, Shawn Mulford, Donna Augustine Thunderbird Turtlewoman, TIm Mentz Sr., Ta’kaiya Blaney, Maria Laya Smith, Oscar Santillin, Yoland Trevino, Monica Willard, Debbra Gill, Rebecca Tobias