We invite you to not merely attend this gathering, but be a part of making it happen in a good way, with true hospitality, taking care of ourselves and each other. Some considerations and things you can do to help. Thank you!

  • Please respect the sacredness of this gathering at all times. This is a ceremonial event.
  • All recording devices are not permitted during the speakers time or during any ceremonies or of the fire. Please respect this and turn off devices at these times.
  • If you see Elders or others needing help such as setting up a tent, carrying wood etc. offer to help them.
  • Yes, our bodies are sacred and beautiful. Because we are an extremely diverse community, with many traditional Elders in attendance, please wear modest and respectful attire at all times. Woman are invited to follow tradition and wear long skirts or wraps during the ceremony on Sunday, the 21st.
  • Pick up trash, recycle it, breathe, pick up trash, recycle it, breathe
  • Offer to bring something/someone up or down the mountain. (Check the community message board at Hospitality booth.)
  • Let’s make this a zero waste event- bring your own dish, cup, bowl, utensils, napkin, water bottle…
  • Wash a Dish. Smile. Scrub a pan. Dry. Rinse a cup. Tell a joke~ a good joke.…. J
  • Parent/Guardian Super-Vision needed at all times and everyone keep an extra eye on the kids, especially around the fire, the kitchen and the water.
  • Pets need to be on leash at all times and out of the ceremonial fire and kitchen areas.
  • Stay sober and present. We appreciate you, actually, being there.
  • No alcohol, illegal drugs or weapons are allowed on premises. For the sake of peaceful focus, Cannabis, including for medical/spiritual use, needs to stay out of event area. Thank you for understanding.
  • Drink plenty of water and stay rested.
  • Each of us has something to share and also something to learn from each other. Let’s extend our peace, patience, kindness and genuine respect for all life and each other by being the peace and the prayer that we want to see.
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