Paula Looking Horse / Co-Founder

Paula Looking Horse

Paula Looking Horse is an accomplished traditional Dakota singer and artist. Her musical credits include opening for the Indigo Girls, touring Europe with Keith Secola and other notible native artists, and composing and producing her own cd, Songs of a Black Hills Woman. She has been involved in Indian rights for over 20 years, organizing the Run to Pipestone and Thanksgiving Feast and is one of the original graduates of Red Schoolhouse in Minnesota and a subsequent board member. She brought her organizational skills to World Peace and Prayer Day in 1996 and has been a moving force in creating the events ever since. She is also the mother of eight children along with 9 grandchildren.

Paula has been the over all organizer for World Peace and Prayer Day and helps speak about the important endeavor and the shares the history of all People that have assisted in the honoring of Mother Earth.